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My biography

Born on 19 September 1926 in Vlčnov. Vocational certificate in basket-making (1944), state exam in music at Brno Conservatory (1947), Pedagogical Faculty of Palacký University Olomouc, special pedagogy department, typhlopedy and music, diploma thesis Musical Appreciation of Blind Youth (1966), postgraduate studies – music and history of philosophy, rigorous work Music Education of Blind Children (1973).

Places of work:

  • Josef Slimáček Music School, a teacher, Brno, 1945–1947
  • Primary Art Schools in Uherský Brod, Svitavy and Brno, a teacher, 1948–1967
  • Primary school for partially sighted and blind, Brno, a teacher, 1967–1977
  • Primary school for partially sighted and blind, the principal, Brno, 1977–1982
  • Primary school for partially sighted and blind, Brno, a teacher, Brno, 1982–1985
  • Faculty of Pedagogy, Palacký University, Olomouc, external teacher, 1972–1987
  • Faculty of Pedagogy, Masaryk University, Brno, external teacher, 1991–1993
  • The founder and the principal of Typhlopedic Centre in Primary School and kindergarten for the blind, later in Association of the Handicapped, later Czech Union of the Blind and the Partially Sighted, 1977–1994
  • The founder and the editor of the magazine Brněnský občasník, 1990–2005
  • The founder and the principal of the Museum of the Blind, 1992–1999
  • Museum of the Blind, Brno, a research worker, 1999–2000
  • Department of typhlopedic information in the Museum of Technology, Brno, a research worker, 2000–present

Results of my pedagogic work:
  • Three pedagogic readings, one of them placed first in the finals
  • About 250 contributions in specialist and promotional magazines, both Czech and foreign
  • Author of 17 specialized publications
  • Author of a number of special textbooks of music education for the pupils of Primary School for the Blind
  • Author of a textbook of Braille music note characters for blind primary school pupils
  • Author of a few special learning tools for blind primary school pupils
  • During 50 years, he collected and described a large collection containing a few hundred historical tools for the blind, some of them educational. He completed the collections thanks to study visits into 14 European museums of typhlopedic information.

Results of my specialist theoretical work:
  • He detected and described the triple function of a blind person’s hand in the compensation process.
  • Caused by the causal relationship of physiology and tactile perception in the blind in compensation process.
  • He described the basic principles of gnoseological process theory in aesthetic and artistic perception of the blind and determined their five-degree specifics of concrete object abstraction.
  • He emphasised the importance of studying the history of the care about the blind and their education from the point of view of rehabilitation and capacitating their personalities from utilitarian perspective.
  • Own concept of typhlopedical classification and interpretation of educational methods, principles and procedures in practice.
  • Own concept of basic principles of education of blind children in early age and the history of special-interest groups of the blind.

My journalistic interest activities:
  • Tyflopedické muzeum – a bulletin with a number of images dealt with the promotion of the future Museum of the Blind in Brno, 1981–1995
  • Brněnský občasník – a magazine in Braille print. It was an interest-oriented magazine. It was published on the Internet by Mr Jan Pokorný. It was Braille-printed on historical printing machines, 1990–2003

  • On the Teachers Day – Brno Town Hall, 1963
  • The Award of Brno city in education and pedagogy, 2006
  • The Award of the Southmoravian Region in education and pedagogy, 2011
  • The Award of Vlčnov in education and pedagogy, 2011

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