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PhDr. Josef Smękal

special pedagogue

I would like to welcome you to my website, and I am confident you will be interested in using the services that I have to offer. They relate to the theme of special pedagogical questions, primarily the field of education for the blind and care for seriously visually impaired children and adults in history. I would like to begin by mentioning the fact that I have established:

  • an audio book for the blind in Czechoslovakia (1960)
  • the first special typhlopedical information centre for parents of blind and seriously visually handicapped small children in Czechoslovakia (1977)
  • a kindergarten for blind children in Brno (1978)
  • the Braille journal Brnìnskę obèasník (1990); publishing ended in 2007
  • The Museum for the Blind in Brno (1992)

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