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Josef Smıkal
Studies and Essays

The publication contains expert reviews at the beginning

The author covers the following topics:
  • Introductory notes of the author
  • From the history
  • Culture, aesthetics and arts
  • Special pedagogic counselling
  • Special aids
  • European museums of the blind
  • Great figures in typhlopedia
  • Three remarkable figures in typhlopedia
  • Typhlopedic timeline
  • Appendix
    • Summary
    • Resources
    • On-line resources
    • Index
    • Glossary
    • Abbreviations
The individual topics in the publication are based on the author’s original studies published in Czech and foreign magazines between 1965 and 2009. The more complex essays including notes from the present represent the author’s view on a certain topic.

The book is completed with approximately a hundred photographs out of which a large number depicts historical documents and objects never published before. Some pictures come from 19th century, others were taken by amateurs. Therefore their quality is not perfect in some cases.

Contains: 684 pages of A4 format

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