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Josef Smękal
The Typhlopedical Nominal Lexicon
the second extended edition

The author's subject focuses on information about:
  • life, culture and work of selected blind personalities, with regard to their social significance
  • presents us reports of professional activities of referred special educators and scientists who contributed or still contribute to the education of visually impaired children and who participate on creation of social conditions of life of the visually impaired adults
The lexicon contains information about personalities, on a timeline from ancient Rome to present times. Author isn't afraid of evaluating young and perspective but visually heavily impaired people. His pursuit is to call attention to activities of renowned practitioners and theoreticians from all world continents.

The publication provides several hundreds of portraits and illustrations and integrates colourfully rich visual supplement. Beside examples of several historically perished handwritings for blind readers, it also includes documentation referring to several entries in the lexicon.

The content of this lexicon is not a collection of curiosities, but a description of destinies of lives of those blind men who lived meaningfully. This is the reason why a wide range of practitioners and theoreticians create this balance, trying to point out all aspects of education care and also prepare visually impaired young people as well as adults for active life. The purpose of this publication is to emphasize the significance of blindness and how much effort it does take to overcome it. It is also interesting to follow up possibilities of a development of the talent which is out of reach of a blind man. In spite of that we can encounter fates of beekeepers, politicians, college professors, inventors, artists and of course outstanding musicians etc. The Typhlopedical Nominal Lexicon should stand for the monument for all blind men, their teachers and theoreticians, who left behind permanent values.

Contains: 455 pages of A4 format

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