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Josef Smękal
A Look at the History of Lettering for the Blind

This was the first publication issued by the Museum for the Blind in Brno, and its publication was supported by the Czech Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired of that time.

In compiling this work I researched a very wide variety of Czech and foreign sources. I was aware that such a theme had not been treated in a comprehensive manner, and that therefore discrepancies in certain data could arise. In the end my data was accepted because it was well-founded through several verifications. In spite of this, discrepancies may appear, since even traditional sources that are seemingly reliable do not necessarily provide the lead in verifiable data.

I conceived the contents comprehensively, that is, I gave a description of all the letters intended or recommended for the blind. I probed deeply into the past for the origins. I exposed certain false beliefs and idealisations, for example the contention having a tradition amongst experts that the Prague Chart was invented by Karel Emanuel Macan. The actual inventor was another person. I amassed a large amount of material, photographic and otherwise.

This publication may serve not only instructors in the teaching of Braille lettering, but also researchers engaged in other areas of typhlopedical studies. It can aid through its rich and original illustrated supplement, and its name and subject index. The text is supplied with summaries in Czech, English and German.

Contains:113 pages

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