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Josef Smękal
Talks with Parents about Raising a Blind Child

In this publication I summarise my own experiences as well as the experiences of other people. I describe the specifics of the upbringing of blind or seriously visually impaired babies or pre-school children. I involve myself in the specific classification of upbringing methods relating to full or predominant loss of sight.

The subject of this book is intended especially for parents, but it can be a remarkably useful incentive for students and typhlopedics to solve basic and derived problems. I focus on the truthfulness and positive side of the upbringing of a seriously visually impaired child from birth till the time when he enters an elementary school.

In the Czech professional literature this book is the only source-book drawing, on the one hand, from genuine experience and on the other hand from the effort to generalise the basic principles of upbringing specifics. I involve myself in the details of the sense of touch in the compensation process, and these specifics are the ultimate source for my practical conclusions and advice for parents. I resolutely refuse to idealise the abilities of children, and I guide parents towards the most important spheres of upbringing, such as the touch and sound experiences of children, avoidance of verbalism and how to overcome the misery of parents which children ought not to be exposed to. Upbringing must be a happy process, even in such an environment.

The publication of 1988 is amended with many instructions and a pictorial supplement.

Contains: 148 pages

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