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Josef Smękal
A Seriously Visually Impaired Child in a Family

In 1980 I published the first of my three written works specialising in the care of pre-school children who are blind since birth or who went blind later. This book sold out very quickly, even though it was published in an edition of 2 000 copies.

This publication contains essential information sought by parents. There were no other Czech publications on a similar theme at that time. The information centre in Brno had existed less than three years; the number of children increased and various organisations expressed interest as well. The booklet was also a success with paediatricians. Shortly afterwards I compiled a further booklet: The Upbringing of a Blind Child of Pre-school Age.

In this booklet I try to identify the world of a small young child; I emphasise the importance of games for children and describe the comprehensive state agency care for children and families, outlining the development of childhood skills. The book concludes with a pictorial supplement.

Contains: 37 pages

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